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2018 has been filled with many movies, some chart toppers and some that shouldn’t have made the theaters, but within the mix, there are some movies that are a must see before the year ends! If you have some time with your friends or family, watching these comedies will put you in a great mood and turn any sleepover into a laugh party.

Crazy Rich Asian

Receiving a 92% on Rotten Tomatoes “Crazy Rich Asians” follows a young girl to her boyfriends, best friends wedding in the beautiful country of Singapore. Although excited about meeting her significant others families, she is surprised when she realizes that not only is he extremely wealthy, but one of the most sought-after bachelors in the country. Her boyfriends status puts a target on her back, with jealousy coming from all angles, including her soon to be mother- in- law. “Crazy Rich Asians” show you what can happen when jealousy, money and weddings mix.

Dead Pool 2

After the success of Deadpool, Deadpool 2 was a necessity. After living through a fatal attack, Wade Wilson (Deadpool) is trying to make a new life as a Miami bartender while also learning to cope with the damages of the attack. Trying to take his life back, Wade must battle the yakuza, canines, and ninjas as he travels around the world to discover what’s really important. Deadpool 2 received an 83% from Rotten Tomatoes.

The Grinch

This family classic was remade right before the holidays and the kids are loving it! The new animation of The Grinch tells the story of Mr. Grinch who despises Christmas and everyone who enjoys the holiday. The new writers and directors took a more modern take on the story, and incorporated music that the kids will leave the theaters singing! This movie is a must see with your entire family, to get into the holiday spirit.

Finishing up with a laugh can be a great start to the new year, make sure you check out these movies, and many others that recently came out in 2018. No one ever regretted laughing with their friends and families. For more movies, check out Rotten Tomatoes certified fresh picks!