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Brown Disorganized Comedy Fall Edition 2022 Show

Come watch Indian standup and sketch comedy as its finest!! Unique event and great venue!!
People love the disorganized format!
Comedy is not meant to be organized y’all!
All proceeds from show going to a designated CHARITY
Wasif Hyder – host
Zubi Ahmed (West Side Comedy Club)
Sabeen Sadiq ( Hasan Minhaj)
Raj Belani (Helium Comedy Club)
Lakshmi Kopparam (West Side CC)
Karthik Lavangu (World Comedy Expo )
Vik Sathya (Broadway CC)
And fun-filled Sketch comedy by: UshaGProductions
Early bird special for limited time (PROMO CODE: Brown5)
Two drink minimum!
Come half hour early to get best seats!
COVID protocols in place!
Special after party yo!!