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Landline is a modern day short film about how cell phones have slowly taken over society and changed the way we view telephones. When a young woman carries her landline around with her after her cell phone stopped working, society brought shame upon her for doing such a thing.

Her first stop was a bar, where she was greeted by a group of men, who looked confused when she plugged her phone into the wall next to her in order to call her best friend. It was as if they forget what a landline phone looked like. Her own friend didn’t even recognize the number since it was so ancient, as she wondered how her friend could possibly be at the bar and using her landline. `

The short film continues to a restaurant, where the main character is reprimanded for wanting to plug her phone into the wall to call her dearest mother. This strikes a controversy, regarding whether we as a people actually respect landlines, or are we so concerned about cell phones that we forgot where we once started.

“Landlines Matter” came out of this, sparking a national movement. News articles where written, protest were held, and people finally began to speak out about how they felt about the overuse of cellphones in today’s society. We as a people are bonded to cell phones, as we pay an extremely large monthly fee to be able to keep them in our presence at all times.

Landline the short film, ends with an unexpected twist and a resolution that makes everyone happy. This short film is based on satire and comedy, and something for the entire family to watch. Whether you’re too young to know about landlines or remember them like it was yesterday, check out this film and give yourself a chuckle. You won’t regret remembering the dark days, when all you had to use was a phone with a cord.