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Most filmmakers start out with creating shorts. Finding out what they like and don’t like in a  movie, the difficulties of casting and the time needed to create a masterpiece can really be explored when creating a short piece that will be first viewed by both your friends and family. Making a short film is the right of passage into the movie industry and those who want to further their career should start creating now. There are some things that every filmmaker needs before diving into their work.

Short Film Gear

Starting off your career may cost you. If you are able, buy a camera that produces cinematic results, in order to get the clearest picture possible for your film. Not all filmmakers have these types of funds, so starting off with your smartphone is also an option, make sure to turn the camera horizontal to get the best footage for editing. Also, invest in editing software, the more you know the better your films will be. Play around with some software and b roll before uploading your footage. If you aren’t good at editing, take a course before you start. This is the foundation of your movie.

Short Film Ideas  

Finding an idea is also a process, you want to be sure not to create a film that has been reciprocated thousands of times. Think outside of the box, and draw up a storyboard of something that you think your friends and family wouldn’t mind watching. Focus on a story that you can tell in 5 mins. Most people choose to focus on dramatic topics, start off with something smaller and easier to grasp. Your viewers will be happy when they see they aren’t watching a remake of the same type of movie they’ve seen a million times.

The more you practice the better you get

Practice makes permanent, so the more you do it, the better you will be at creating pieces that you like. Your first film most likely won’t turn out exactly how you want it, and that should be motivation to make another and change the things that you did not like, and explore new avenues of creation. The more you do this, the more you will learn about the techniques that work for you in filmmaking.

Being a filmmaker is not an easy task, and you will not create masterpieces every single time you pick up a camera. Believing in yourself and your dreams of making movies is the last piece of the puzzle. Those who have the passion for filmmaking will create pieces that are meaningful to them, and will eventually become meaningful for others also. Starting small can give you the confidence you need to move up in the industry, and hopefully achieve every dream you have. Whether it’s showing your film at the Sundance Movie Festival, or creating a feature film that sells over one million dollars at the box office.